Frequently Asked Questions

Can USBs be colour matched?

Most of our USBs and their component parts can be colour matched. There is often a range of standard colours and Pantone matching is also available. Please note: There is a minimum order of 50 units for Pantone Matching. For orders of more than 1,000 units there is no charge for Pantone matching.

Can all USBs be CMYK printed?

Most USBs can be CMYK printed, but not all are suitable! CMYK printing uses translucent ink and does not include white. This means that the USB body should be a light colour or the print may not be visible at all. If the USB is not white, the body colour will show through and affect the colour of the print.

Can resin domes be added to USBs?

Resin domes can be added to some USB models. They need to have a flat area to attach the resin dome, which means some curved USBs will not be suitable.

Can files be pre-loaded on to USBs?

Up to 100mb of uploads are inlcuded in your quote. Larger files will incur extra charges. Please note that USB capacity should be twice the upload size.

Uploads can be made ‘undeletable’ by creating a special protected drive on the USB. Some computers may see this drive and its files as harmful. A determined user can always delete files on any drive they have access to.

How are USBs packaged?

Our USBs ship as standard individually wrapped in PP bags, bundled in 5s and bulk packed. Various styles of box can be added to your order including plain card, presentation boxes and more. See the accessories section for more information.

What are the artwork guidelines for Tigstick USBs?

Vector artwork in PDF format is often the best choice for branded USBs. It is important to bear in mind the small size of USBs, especially for text. We recommend a minimum point size of 4pt for text to remain readable, but this can vary depending on the exact font and colour used.

Spot colour printing requires vector artwork. Due to the small printing area, gradients and shading cannot be printed in spot colours. CMYK printing should be used instead for these effects.

CMYK colour prints should be vector files where possible. Images at 300dpi at final print size are also acceptable. Any white shown in your artwork will not be printed.

Our minimum line thickness is approx. 0.12mm (0.34pt). When printing lines slightly thinner than this, ink spread will make the line appear thicker, roughly at minimum line thickness. Much thinner lines may fail to print at all. Negative spaces (i.e. gaps between two printed areas) will need to be approximately 0.15mm (0.42pt) or ink spread may cause them to be filled in.